Parkworld 885545 Combiner, RV Splitter V Adapter Cord 5-15P & TT-30P male to 14-50R female

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NEMA TT-30P and 5-15P to 14-50R.
Recreational Vehicle Splitter 50A plug get power from 15A & 30A power outlet on pedestal.
It doesn't design working on GFCI.
The GFCI will identify the incorrect connection.

When you have either regular 15A or RV 30A power outlet, and you want plug 14-50P into them get power from them. This cord set can help you to do it.

  • Heavy-duty power Splitter adapter cord for RV and power inlet pedestal. 100% copper wire conductor inside
  • RV 50 AMP 14-50 female receptacle with handle, easy to pull and push.
  • RV 30 AMP TT-30 male receptacle with handle, easy to pull and push.
  • American Household standard 3-prong 15 AMP 5-15 male plug.
  • Used 10AWG*3 stranded copper inner wire, support each output max 30 Amp loading.
  • Length : 18 inch (1.5 Feet).
  • Color : Black