Parkworld 79322 Dryer Piggy-Back Adapter Splitter Cord NEMA 14-30P to 14-30R 30A 125V/250V & (3)5-15R 15A 125V 1.5 Feet

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Parkworld #79322 1.5 ft. 30 Amp 125/250-Volt 4-Prong NEMA 14-30P&14-30R to 3x 5-15R Piggyback adapter cord.

It has a 30 Amp 125/250-Volt 4-Prong dryer NEMA14-30P male plug and a 14-30R female to a 5-15R Tri-outlets female connector.

Made with 100% copper, UL and cUL Listed STW 10AWG/3C wire for superior conductivity, the PVC jacket ensures that cable can be used in all weather conditions. This unique piggy-back adapter features a matching NEMA 14-30R connector on the back of its 14-30 plug.

In addition to the 14-30R female end, this cord also includes a Tri-outlets NEMA 5-15R, 15 Amp, 125-volt female connector. With this cord, you have the convenience of multiple power solutions.

You can power multiple devices from a NEMA 14-30 outlet, but please ensure they do not exceed 30 Amps.

  • NEMA 14-30P&14-30R to 3x 5-15R Tri-outlets piggyback adapter cord/dryer adapter
  • NEMA 14-30, 30 Amp, 125/250-Volt 4-prong dryer male plug and female receptacle
  • Receptacle: NEMA 5-15R, 15 Amp, 125-Volt Tri-outlets female connector
  • Cable: UL,cUL listed STW 10AWG/3C wire
  • Fully molded, all pins and terminals are made of nickel-plated brass to prevent oxidation and rusting