Parkworld 64224 NEMA 14-50P to 14-30R & 14-50R Splitter for 4-Prong RV or EV Charger (3 Feet)

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NEMA 14-50 Male Plug to NEMA 14-50 & 14-30 Female Receptacle.
Camper 4-Prong 50 AMP Y Adapter Cord
AC Power Splitter 14-50P to 14-50R & 14-30R 125V/3750W, 250V/7500W.

Use on when you want to plug 14-30 and 14-50 power cord plug into a 14-50 power outlet in the same time.
Length : 3FT

  • EV or RV 50 AMP 4-prong male, NEMA 14-50 Plug, molded with 1.5FT cable to Y splitter.
  • Recreational Vehicle or Electric vehicle 50 AMP 4-prong female connector, NEMA 14-50 Receptacle, molded with 1.5FT cable to Y splitter.
  • Dryer 30 AMP 125/250 Volt 4-prong NEMA 14-30 outlet, molded with 1.5FT cable to Y splitter.
  • Molded with electroplate copper terminal in order to avoid surface oxidation effectively.
  • STW 6AWG/3C+8AWG/1C & 10AWG/4C use stranded inner wire with molded connectors. support max 50A & 30A loading.
  • Length : 3 Foot ( 3 FT )