Parkworld 61094 Inverter Generator Parallel Kit Terminals with Cable to RV 30A TT-30R Female, 120V, 30A, 3FT

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Dual Inverter Generators to RV 30 amp outlet, 3 Feet

Note :
Do not connect or disconnect the parallel kit while the inverter are running.
Do not get the product wet.
Do not Disassemble

Connect step :
Do not attach parallel kit while inverter generators are running.
  1. Make sure the inverter generator already turn off according the instructions include with your models. Remove any load from the inverter generator.
  2. Connect the parallel kit cable to the parallel kit terminals on each inverter generators. Loosen screws on ground terminals on each inverter generator. Attach a ground wire to each inverter generator, make sure tighten securely.
  3. Turn on the inverter generators according the instructions include with your models.
  4. Hung the outlet on wall by hanging bracket the handle on socket. (Keep it in dry environment)
  5. Connect your equipment to get power or charge into appropriate outlet.
  6. When finish, turn off the inverter generator and disconnect the parallel kit.

Work for such as Universal EU1000i 2000i 2200i Generator,
  • Universal Inverter Generators, Parallel Kit Terminal
  • Dual parallel input ends with grounding wire to one of RV 30 AMP 120 Volt NEMA TT-30R AC power outlet.
  • Connect to two of quiet inverter generators to get 30 AMP power.
  • Universal parallel connect kit for most all brands.

  • Maximum Running Watt Rating : 3750 Watts.

  • Output : 125 Volt, 30 AMP,

  • Length : 3 Feet