Parkworld 60998 RV Adapter 30A to 15A (TT-30P to 5-15R) Black, Round, 3 Pack

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NEMA TT-30P to 5-15R adapter, 3 of RV 30AMP to 15AMP round adapter in one package.
When you have a household regular plug want to plugin a Recreational Vehicle TT-30 hook up outlet .This adapter can fit your demand

  • NEMA TT-30P Male for Recreational Vehicle 30A outlet, 5-15R Female for household regular 15A plug.
  • Heavy-duty round power adapter for RV, Test electrical function by CSA & CSAus standard. CSA approve listed.
  • US$9.99 get 3 piece of RV TT-30P 30 AMP Plug to Household regular 5-15R 15 AMP receptacle adapter (15A 125V, 1875W)
  • 100% copper conductor inside, Heavy-duty power adapter, also for Trailer and Mobile Home, Auto house.
  • Color : Black , Form : Round, Package : 3 pieces in 1 box.